Laura Sayan

Because the shine of a jewel enhances a woman and leads her at the top of her femininity, Laura Sayan opens the doors to her universe of a thousand and one stones…

It is at the heart of the Ancestral culture that Laura Sayan is seeking her inspiration beside the sacred Talismans, to express all the power of this symbolic language.

Passionate about art and fashion, this Armenian-born autodidact honors the precious stones to create fine jewelry with a strong character, mixing spirituality, femininity, modernity and refinement. 

« When I launched my brand, I wanted to create Talismans of modern times, unique pieces that we will never leave, to wear alone to show a personality, a belief, a different style from others, or by staking, layering and mixing them to assert a style. »

Through her various collections, she reveals her love for the timelessness and the transmission. With her contemporary breath, a touch of Bohemian Chic, the traditional symbols enter into a new dimension, that of the Exceptional Talisman.