Got a question ? Please contact us. We would be happy to answer to you. 

How long is expected the delivery date ?

The delivery date may vary between 2 - 6 weeks depending on the availability of the jewels. As a young company, we do not have a large stock of products and favor the on-demand orders that is why most of our jewelry are available on pre-order and require 6-8 weeks to be made. However, you can find some pieces that are currently available and ready to ship.

Where do you ship ?

We are shipping worldwide from Paris and Geneva. Each jewels is packed with the greatest care in a Laura Sayan Jewels Box and accompanied by its invoice and a descriptive detailed of the product. 

The item is sold out, what I can do ?

If the product you were looking for is sold out, feel free to pre-order it. Please, note that it usually takes 6 - 8 weeks to produce our piece of jewelry.

How do pre-orders work ?

If the product you were looking for is sold out, you can pre-order the piece especially for you before it goes online. Notice that the delivery time is estimated within 6 - 8 weeks. It is therefore necessary to pay the entire bill to process to the shipping.

What are the different classifications of diamonds ?

We use different sorts of diamonds :

Grey Diamonds, Brown Diamonds and Black Diamond. 

White Diamond HSI, is an high quality range of very pure diamonds, that is clearer and brighter than most of diamonds. That's why the jewels paved with White Diamonds HSI are more expensive than the other. 

How can I request a custom order ?

For the custom orders or personalized items, please contact us with a detailed request of the item you would like and we will be happy to give you an estimation to realize you desire ASAP. Please notice that the delivery date should be within 6 - 8 weeks once we have accepted your request. 

What kind of jewels can I custom ?

We can make special orders on most jewels. Everything is possible to satisfy your tastes ! Just contact us and tell us what you want (any 14K type of gold, colors of diamonds or sapphires you would like, tailored size...)

Can I make Laura Sayan Jewels as a present ?

Of course. Simply indicate it during the buying process so we will care to not join the bill to the parcel. The bill will only be sent to you by email. You will also have the possibility to join a personalized message into your order with the message of you choice. 

Does the color of the stone can vary ?

Every gemstone is unique. According to their composition the mineral stones are never the same, their color may slightly vary from a piece of jewelry to another. 

How to take care of the jewels ?

The more you take care of your jewel the more it will lasts. Simple precautions will make the difference to preserve their brightness. When needed, immerse your jewelry in a hot bath of soapy water for 1 minute, then gently rub them with a toothbrush and rinse with warm water. To finish, place them on absorbent paper and wipe. When traveling, keep them safe in their Laura Sayan's pouch to protect them. 

Does my jewel is guaranteed ?

Our jewelry is guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase, on presentation of the bill. We cover the hidden defects or the lost of a diamond/sapphire for example. Notice that misuses are not included in the guarantee cover. 

How can I repair my item ?

It happen that your jewelry gets damaged over time or diamond left. Over the guarantee we can fix it within 1-2 weeks (depending on our studio). Please contact us at If your guarantee has been expired, we will let you know how to proceed for a repair with an estimation of the costs.