Endza Choker Lucky

Endza Choker Lucky

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14K White Gold Mix of Evil Eye in Turquoise, Pink Opale, Lapis Lazuli, Sugilite and Moonstone. Grey Diamonds and Blue Sapphire. 

1 Ruby chain necklace.

The color of the stone may vary from one piece of jewelry to another.

Dimensions : 0,6 x 1 cm

Adjustable chain : 34/38 cm

This Talisman will protect you against the Evil Eye

The Turquoise is the purification stone that will provide Serenity, Creativity, Positive Mind, Wisdom and Communication. 

The Pink Opal is the love stone that will provide Peace, Hope, Consciousness, Faith and Loyalty. 

The Lapis Lazuli is the protection stone that will provide Love, Friendship, Intuition & Self-Confidence. 

The Sugilite is the positive stone that will generate Positive Thoughts, Positive Emotions, Spirituality, and Awareness. 

The Moonstone is the renewal stone that will provide Happiness, New Beginnings, Calm, Love and Abundance.